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Thread Grinding Machine

For thread grinding workpieces and producing results that align with quality expectations, using our Thread Grinding Machine is your best bet. Keeping pace with modern day requirements of the thread grinding process, we market an extensive selection of machines under this category, which give improved performance as compared to screw cutting lathe which many a times fail to produce a wheel with a correct profile. Our Thread Grinding Machine can flawlessly profile wheels with single & multiple cutting profiles. These simple to use, efficient, durable and versatile machines can even produce perfect threads on alloyed steels backed with incomparable finish standards.

Key Product Features:

1) Highly flexible thread grinding operation on all models.
2) Designed to meet accuracy as demanded by buyers.
3) Available in a wide range of grinding wheel speeds.
4) Low machine weight though constructed using heavy duty components.
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CNC Thread Grinding Machine is comprised of a working tool which rotates on its axis, a circular feed, traverse & lateral feed, a drive motor, & computer numerically controlled operating panel. It is required to perform different grinding applications including double lead, tapper thread, single flank, dual pressure angle, plug thread, roller die, & crusher roller. This machine consists of a mineral filled cast polymer base having great thermal stability & vibration damping properties.

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Thread Grinder is required to make dimensionally accurate grooves on bots, screw, nuts, various types of spindles & shafts, automotive components, and home appliance assemblies as well. It uses a special type of tool for removing extra material from the surface of the workpiece in order to get precisely made threads. This grinder is capable of making single rib thread where only one pitch is dressed onto the wheel and multi rib thread where the wheel is dressed with a cresting flat.

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Thread Grinding Machine works by a wheel mounted thread pitch which traverses a complete profile on the workpiece in a number of passes to remove extra material from the surface. It is highly suitable for single or multiple ribs grinding with great precision. This machine is used for making fastening threads on the exterior or interior of the various components including screw, shafts, hex nuts, automobile assemblies, and various types of inserts.

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Matrix 33 Universal Thread Grinder

Universal Thread Grinder is suitable for both internal & external grinding applications. It is utilized in home appliance manufacturing, machine components fabricating, automobile, & metal processing industries. This instrument is ideal for threading of torex screws, fasteners, spindles, crankshafts, and nut & bolts. It has a flexible nature as it can work on cylindrical, conical, & tube like structure with same precision. Tool RPM, wheel speed, grinding direction, coolant pressure, number of cycles, & wheel selection can be adjusted according to the need of the user.

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